Best Reasons For Purchasing Kamagra Tablet :

Overview about kamagra pills : 

Kamagra tablet is the most popular, successful, and widely accepted treatment for erectile dysfunction. Workers are produced to a high-quality standard to ensure safety and effectiveness. Patients using "sildenafil citrate" regularly report successful intercourse and continue to use the treatment in general. The effective treatment time of sildenafil citrate is 4 - 6 hours, although many doctors report longer effective time.

What is the difference between Kamagra & other ED treatments?

Kamagra tablets contain sildenafil 100mg. Other well-known ED treatments such as Cialis, Levitra, and Spedra are found. The main difference between Kamagra and other ED tablets is manufacturing and licensing. Kamagra is not a licensed treatment, so you can't be sure that it claims the ingredients mentioned, or make sure what chemicals the manufacturer used to make the product. Licensed products, such as Viagra and Cialis, must adhere to strict guidelines during the production, storage and supply process, as well as try in strict measures to prove their safety.

How To Take This Medicine

This tablet should be used eight times in 3 hours. This medicine will be effective in 1 hour after taking it. The effective time of this tablet is 2-3 hours. This tablet is used with a glass of water. Avoid fatty foods before using this tablet. Use of this tablet while drinking alcohol can cause side effects.

Side Effects

Common Side Effects

  • Facial redness or flushing

  • Headache

  • Blocked nose

  • Dryness in eyes

  • Mild Nausea

Less Common Side Effects

  • Slightly blurred vision

  • Slight blueness in vision

  • Light sensitivity

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